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Brand Introduction

Founded in 2007, LEADCHIP SEMICONDUCTOR is a professional analog circuit design company with a high reputation at the power management circuits. LEADCHIP has deeply cooperate with well-known wafer factories and packaging factories at home and abroad, which makes LEADCHIP 's products have strong operational delivery capability and high quality assurance, bringing high customers and maintaining long-term competitiveness.

 LEADCHIP’s products cover DC/DC, LDO, motor drive, battery management, load switch, LED drive, digital-analog mixing, etc., which are widely used in different industries. It has become the long-term partners of brand customers in TV, Netcom, security, consumer electronics and industrial control fields, and has been trusted and praised by customers. In 2017, LEADCHIP began to establish a digital circuit R&D team to strengthen the research and development of digital-analog hybrid circuits and digital power circuits, and also provide customized product design services for many brand customers. Simplify the customer's circuit design and create more value for customers.

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Original website:www.leadchip.com.cn
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