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Brand Introduction

eEver Technology, Inc. is a global leading USB solution design and product company, specializing in high speed transfer interface as core technology, developing USB3.0 Host Controller ICs and proprietary USB 3.0 Video Capture Controller. eEver develops high cost-effectiveness innovative products by integrating self-developed USB Type-C, USB3.0 technology and the advantages of USB 3.0 Port Physical Layer (PHY), Controller IP and software technology. eEver enables to cooperate with system clients immediately by offering complete system reference design for various application; further, having won long-term partner relationships with leading companies in Taiwan and worldwide. 
eEver dedicates to providing customer orientation products and services, applying for different fields, including consumer digital product (cellphones, tablets), PC (desktop personal computer, laptop and AIO), power bank, computer peripherals/storage devices, docking station, etc. eEver's mission and vision is to keep providing consumers high speed, high efficiency and high power on 4C products (computing, communication, consumer, and car) to satisfied the needs for sharing data, audio & video and power. 

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Original websitewww.eevertech.com
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