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Brand Introduction

SteadiChips Semiconductor is a professional semiconductor company specializing in high speed, high precision, high performance, high reliability analog and mixed signal chips. SteadiChips ' high-performance analog chips can be widely used in various industries ,such as industrial control, medical electronics, security monitoring, optical communications, mobile phones and set-top boxes .

SteadiChips has established a complete quality assurance system from system design, circuit design, laboratory testing,  application testing to reliability testing.  The joint management and control in many aspects, and the cooperation of upstream and downstream suppliers and customers, to ensure that every  product  has outstanding performance and good consistency.

Headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, SteadiChips has a R&D center in Shanghai and a sales office and after-sales center in Shenzhen. SteadiChips ' mission is to provide high-quality products to customers, to respond quickly to the market and serve customers, with the ultimate goal of giving customers the ultimate application experience.

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Original website:www.steadichips.com
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